Impact of Environmental Factors on Detox Pathwayswith Bernarda Zenker


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Deep dive into pathways and inhibitors
  • Cofactors for B12 absorption and nutrients to improve GI issues 
  • Outsmarting your SNPs

Guest Expert

Bernarda Zenker

Dr. Bernarda Zenker is a board-certified family physician through the American Academy of Family Medicine. She is also board-certified in integrative medicine and is a certified functional medicine clinician. Her special interest is in integrating physical, emotional and spiritual health, with a particular concern for finding solutions to chronic health problems using an individual's genetics. She utilizes functional medicine evaluation, nutritional supplementation and diet recommendations to assist traditional medicine in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Some areas of specific focus in her work are preventing age-related memory loss, mycotoxin illness, Lyme disease, detoxification, increasing neurotransmitter levels when needed and reestablishing gastrointestinal health.

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