Taking the Confusion Out of Genetic Testingwith Joe Cohen


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Genes, SNPs and whole genome sequencing
  • Deep dive into gene testing kits
  • Impact of CBD with THC on autism and seizures

Guest Expert

Joe Cohen

Joe Cohen, founder of SelfDecode, SelfHacked and LabTestAnalyzer, is a thriving writer, speaker and entrepreneur who has been independently researching health and science for over 15 years. Growing up with a myriad of health issues that conventional medicine failed to solve pushed him to study his own genes to get to the root cause of his problems.

After fixing his chronic health issues with a personalized gene-based approach to health, he knew that he needed to share this information with the masses. Founding SelfHacked, LabTestAnalyzer and SelfDecode was his way of helping people take their health into their own hands. Now, Joe Cohen regularly speaks at events alongside the world’s top health experts and continues to work on enhancing his company’s products to provide people with access to cutting-edge tools and information designed to optimize health.

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