Is Salt Right for You?with Selina DeLangre


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Impact of heat and evaporation on mineral levels
  • Should you worry about microplastics?
  • Research and indicators that you need salt in your diet

Guest Expert

Selina DeLangre

Selina DeLangre is president and CEO of Selina Naturally®, home of Celtic Sea Salt® brand and purveyor of unrefined salts from around the world. She inherited the responsibility of changing the reputation of salt from the Celtic Sea Salt founder, Jacques Delangre, and as publisher and editorial director of A Grain of Salt®, she presents natural products and cutting-edge articles from pioneers in the field of natural health. 

Selina DeLangre has been a student of healthy living for over 40 years. At a young age, she began to experience debilitating migraines. These continued until she discovered macrobiotics at the age of 19 and realized that her headaches were connected to what she ate. She is also the mother of three, the oldest of whom was born with cerebral palsy. Her journey of seeking out healing solutions came out of her need to help repair her son’s brain damage, and she ultimately began questioning the cause and effect of our actions and intentions, and in turn, began to study lifestyle choices that promote optimal well-being.

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